“The Complete Woman” writing contest

Throughout the month of October 2021, AFFIRM is running a writing contest on the topic of “The Complete Woman”.

Priscilla Taiwo writes more about it here:

  • The woman that is in control of her life.
  • The woman who has been told to shut up because of her gender, yet she speaks even louder because she is beyond a sexual being.
  • The woman who no one believes, yet she believes in herself.
  • The woman that doesn’t have everything working for her, yet she chooses not to break down.
  • The woman that has a passion that is bigger than her present.
  • The woman who chooses not to follow the crowd.
  • The woman recognised as “unique” by many.
  • The woman that can balance her career and personal life.
  • The woman who despite her career, can be there for her husband, children, siblings and family.
  • The woman who loves genuinely and is loved by many.
  • The woman who doesn’t fight for her identity but recognises who she is.
  • The woman who knows she might be “weaker” in comparison to men, yet she can achieve all she sets her mind to do.
  • The woman who never stops learning new skills.
  • The woman who never stops reading.
  • The woman whose inner desire is to fulfil her purpose and acts towards it.
  • The woman who knows she may be rejected or persecuted but still strives towards her goals.
  • The woman who stands as a leader whether in the spotlight or controls the game in private.
  • The woman that is a peacemaker.
  • The woman who AFFIRMS herself daily that she is a winner.

This is #TheCompleteWoman.

But no one ever gets to this point in a day, a month or even a year. A Complete Woman mindset is built over years, through knowing how to survive against the challenges in her path.

Priscilla Taiwo

#TheCompleteWoman writing contest:

  • is open to Nigerian women between 16 to 30 years of age.
  • happens during the whole month of October 2021.
  • features exciting cash prizes, free digital skills masterclasses, personal tutoring on any topic of your choice and certificates of participation

This is an opportunity for you to take a step and begin YOUR journey as the woman who is an all-rounder.

To participate, follow this link NOW to join our Whatsapp group #TheCompleteWoman: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JbgFIG7zSML6RHsigwVAlD

Details are also available on all our social media channels or via email here.