Unclipped Wings

A Female Student’s Struggle for Wellbeing and Equity

Unclipped Wings is a graphic novella that narrates the struggles of female students at UniSEN, a typical Nigerian tertiary education institution. Returning after an 8-month ASUU strike, Accounting student and aspiring SUG President, Chinwe faces challenges that stem from living in a patriarchal culture. Her friends also experience hardships, each striving to survive against the odds.

The novella offers researched insights into gender discrimination, student welfare and wellbeing. Solutions are proposed to enable female students to thrive within and beyond the academic environment. Unclipped Wings champions the voice and potential of the young woman, and advocates for her liberation from gender-biased societal constraints. It is a must-read for students, parents, educators, and policymakers.

Unclipped Wings aims to empower voices and break barriers in Nigerian Campuses!

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